Up and at 'em!

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunrise

The body wanted to sleep in this morning but the brain must have known there were things to do and sure enough, I found an early (very early) work problem on my phone. So, it was up around 5AM. I fixed that problem then I decided to move my car from where I had left it in the middle of the driveway after I washed it last night. I also cracked the windows and put up the sun shades since it is supposed to be nearly 100 degrees again today. Fingers crossed this is the last day of the heat wave.

After that, I noticed there was a bit of weeding that needed to be done and I knocked that out. Finally, I tackled the noisy hinges on the front door and now they are back to being quiet thanks to some household oil and WD-40.

All of this was done before 6AM.

Since then I have caught up on the comics and Feedly feeds here on my Asus Transformer and had a bit of breakfast (one yogurt). Now I'm debating going ahead and getting in the shower. There's not much of a chance that I will go back to bed at this point.