According to the school system, summer is over!

Today is the first day of school and even though August 1st or very close to it has been the first day of school here for all the years my kids have been in school, it still takes some getting used to.

This summer seemed to especially fly by and I guess that is because we didn't have time for a real trip anywhere. High school band started the second week of July so our summer break really only lasted about six weeks.

It takes a few days to get used to being here at the home office completely alone. There is a third dog now and he is sitting right beside me in the floor and I'm sure he will do his best to keep me occupied during the day while the other two dogs, that act more like cats, ignore me as usual.

The last week went by in a blur with various school functions, last minute shopping and other things that needed to get done before school started back so I decided to go ahead a take a week away from the podcast and a few days away from writing here just so I could clearly focus on getting things done. I also finally finished the last book I was reading. It was a struggle but I made it!

Now I have to get back into the school year groove, planning solo lunches and thinking about some of the projects I've been putting off until I had the house to myself like touching up paint here and there and doing a bit of the spring cleaning I was too lazy to do in the spring.