Cloudy skies

Here I am, exactly one week until the meteor eclipse, looking out the kitchen window to a very cloudy, rainy sky. I am hoping a week from right now finds us gazing up at the sun through a completely clear sky but the extended forecast simply reads "partly cloudy" at this point and at least that is an improvement over what we have today.

The weekend was fairly busy but the real band stuff starts this week and it's going to be crazy busy from now until the end of October. Every Friday evening and most Saturdays are completely blocked out on the calendar along with all of the practices and everything else that happens during the week.

Finally, in non-important news (the real news is filled with all of the important news, most of it horrifying, so we won't get into any of it here), I found a bit of a use for the @jasonwriteshere Twitter. I went out to the New York Times Books Twitter and followed everyone they follow. I think that will add a bit of variety to what I see when I am bored with my main Twitter. Maybe it will keep me a bit more in the loop on the literary things that are happening in the world. I'm still not tweeting over there so don't bother following it unless you just want your following count to go up by one for some reason.

That's it. I have a bit of lunch break left and I am going to spend that time reading.