Coffee is important

Coffee is so important here that I have a whole area dedicated to it, a shrine to coffee.

Yes, I put all of that up there on the wall. It felt necessary. And, for the coffee purists out there, I have a few traditional coffee makers in the garage. K-cups are easy and I'm lazy so my K-cup machine gets daily use but there are special occasions when the Cuisinart gets pulled out and put into service. I'm also the only one that regularly drinks coffee here so there is not much use in brewing an entire pot.

Looking at the picture, I notice that the cordless phone looks out of place. I took it out of the kitchen for a while and every time the phone rang, I walked to the blank wall in the kitchen to answer it. Within the month it was back up in its place. I guess I could do something better with the cord, though.

Coffee makes me long for cooler weather although I drink it year-round, even on the super hot days we have here from time to time. I enjoy fall most of all although fall here seems to get shorter and shorter. We jump from blistering hot into freezing cold with little warning.