On location

It's my first "remote" post here on the new site! I am coming to you today from Starbucks on a very overcast Friday morning. Hopefully the weather will not be like this on eclipse/meteor day!

I don't typically work remotely even though I work at home and my boss has told me multiple times that I can work from anywhere so I should get out from time to time. It's just always been a hassle in the past, having to unhook and lug by big work laptop out of the house. I no longer have to fool with that now that I have my much-faster recently installed work router. Now I can connect into my work laptop via Teamviewer and just take my Asus Transformer with me wherever I go.

And, I finally used my brand-new backpack which was purchased just for stuff like this and I am happy to report that everything fits in there perfectly. It is just the right size for my Transformer, Kindle, notepad and canned ham.

Don't you always carry an emergency canned ham, just in case?

Finally, a song for Friday. I was sitting here in the unusually noisy Starbucks – I guess it is because it was packed with people or maybe the music is turned lower than normal – and I could barely make out Hippo Campus coming across the speakers. Hippo Campus is an excellent band that I discovered earlier this year on WFUV and I highly recommend them.

Have a great weekend! I will be in the concession stand at the football game tonight so jump on a plane and get down here and buy a hot dog from me!