The KonMari Method™ was the breakthough in my struggle with stuff

I discovered over the weekend that there was a KonMari app. I had no idea. I am not sure how I missed it. It would have been great to document the before and after when I went through the tidying process here at the house a few months back.

It all worked out fine though. Using the book Spark Joy as my guide, I went through the categories and followed Marie Kondo's process to decide which items to keep (they spark joy) and which items to part with (they do not spark joy).

Reading her two books was truly a life-changing awakening for me. For many years on the old blog and on the podcast, I bemoaned my relationship with clutter and how I used material things to "buy my feelings" and Marie's two books finally helped me put my relationship with stuff in perspective.

Showing your things respect, just as thanking them for their service when you decide you no longer need them, may seem a bit odd to someone who feels they have it all together but for someone like me that has struggled with the burden of stuff for many years, it was a breakthrough. I was finally able to make peace with my stuff and with my own past buying habits and finally move forward, no longer feeling I needed stuff to make me happy.

Of course, the truth is that stuff cannot make you happy. It is the pursuit of stuff that we use to take our minds off of the negative aspects of our lives.

Back to the app - although I have finished the tidying process, which the app is designed to help you go through, I did sign up and I answer questions other people have when I see a question that is going unanswered and that brings me joy. I get to use my experience in reorganizing and deciding what I truly needed and what needed a new home to help others who are currently in the middle of the process.

I think the KonMari method is about far more than just organizing and clearing clutter. Once the distraction of unneeded material objects was out of the way, I was able to tackle some real issues I had and re-open some doors I had closed such as writing here.

I am more content with what I have and I have new criteria in mind when I do decide I need something new, such as the backpack I wrote about here a few days ago.

Finally, although the tidying process is complete, I am still discovering items that I realize I can part with now although I thought I needed them just weeks earlier.

Maybe a more narrow focus on what you truly need leads to more understanding of which items truly spark joy and which do not so you are able to let go of more and more as you move forward? That seems to be what is happening for me.