The robot shall tweet for me (maybe)

I finally decided, after a few weeks of writing here, to automate the post tweets @upinthisbrain using IFTTT. I've been doing it manually so far but I am pretty sure I would eventually forget to do one or two or ten.

Also, I am trying to only look at Twitter in the early morning, at lunch and briefly in the evening. I don't want to purposely go there during the day and get sucked in.

There is a @jasonwriteshere Twitter but I still haven't figured out a use for that.

Update! I noticed that yesterday's automated tweet came hours after the post went up so this post is a test. I have it scheduled to post at 7AM Central time (which is about 14 minutes from the time I am writing this) and I'm going to keep an eye on Twitter and see when IFTTT does its magic and posts a tweet. If it's going to take hours for that to happen, I'll probably fire the robot and go back to pushing the tweet button myself! So much for modern technology!