This old blog

Sure, this is only post #20 here so I can't really refer to it as an old blog. But if you consider the posts that were eliminated when Up In This Blog was deleted a few months back, we'd would be adding nine years and over 2000 posts to my Blogger "legacy" and that would be something.

Sometimes I regret deleting the blog and all of the posts but there was a lot I didn't know about making a blog manageable when I started out in 2007 and I had not used labels consistently which resulted in a really big mess, a mess most people probably would not have noticed but I did. I had tried to go back through the posts and fix labels, reduce the number of labels I used, etc.

For this time around, I am trying to keep labels as simple as possible although I know that it was only in my head that people actually use labels to look at old posts especially since it is darn near impossible to get people to look at new posts! Blogging doesn't have the "umph" it once had, especially when it's a blog like this one, filled with sort of pointless rambling.

I was thinking about blogs I read this morning (I use Feedly to read blogs every morning) and I realized that although I read Robert Dyer's blog in Feedly, I didn't follow it here in Blogger so it did not appear under Blogs I Read over on the side of this page. That is fixed now and I highly recommend you check it out. I wish there was a comprehensive blog like that for where I live.

I feel like I know more about Bethesda, MD than I do about my own town! I am in awe of the amount of work Robert puts into his information gathering. To me, it's a great example of a blog that stays relevant and I wish I had the time, energy, focus, etc. to perform the same service for where I live.

And yes, this is the same Robert Dyer that makes the excellent/funny food review videos on YouTube!