A quarter of a century!

I was listening to episode 645 of the dicksnjanes podcast earlier this week and Ken mentioned something about 1992 and how that was twenty-five years ago and my first reaction was to not believe this at all. How could 1992 have been twenty-five years ago! A whole quarter of a century has passed since I was a sophomore in college! How could this be?

When I think back to 1992, I can't say I remember a whole lot of specifics. I know that I wrote papers in the library in this big area filled with large PC's and CRT's. I believe we were on a DOS version of Wordperfect in those days. I spent a lot of time in the library. I read just about every book about being a writer and every literary journal that I could get my hands on which should been a hint that my heart was not truly in majoring in music. I would also sit high up in the football stadium and read books whenever I had the opportunity. I guess this was before the fear of heights I have now!

Fall of 1992 - nineteen years old and ready to take on the world, always with the idea that I SHOULD BE A WRITER (in bold and capitalized to show how much I really thought this!) in the back of my mind! I had convinced myself of this although I had absolutely no idea of how to do it. Ha!

Instead of sending completed future New York Times bestseller manuscripts to agents, I worked in the music department and spent a lot of time making copies and filing music and even stuffing envelopes for different mailers. It's there that I worked on a Mac Classic moving the music library database from a card catalog to Filemaker Pro.It's surprising how many times those skills ended up being useful over the years. Of course, I bet they went back to the card catalog the minute I walked out the door after graduation!

I also wrote quite a bit of crap inspired by all those writing books and literary journals  I read in the library on the huge IBM typewriters we had in the music department. Luckily, I saved none of it nor do I have a memory of what any of it was. At least there was no Instagram. If there had been, I would have probably been sharing pictures of it!


  1. I replaced a paper record keeping system with a database when I was in uni and was overjoyed when I heard years later that it was still in use!


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