All is well in Armpit

What is left of Irma finally arrived yesterday afternoon and promptly fell apart. We ended up with nothing more than a nice taste of fall with cooler wind and light rain. The rain will linger for another day or two and that's it. The normal mid-September heat returns at the end of the week.

My Smooth Sailing sabbatical (awesome alliteration there) began yesterday as I finished up editing the episode featuring my last appearance for a bit. I am looking forward to the break from editing although it takes me far less time to edit an episode now than it did even three months ago.

I was pleased at how well this episode (60) came out. I felt like I wasn't 100% present during the recording and I was worried that I would listen back and be unhappy with my participation in the show. Maybe everyone would here anticipation of the break ahead in my voice, like on the last day of school when I used to stare at the clock knowing that a summer of Atari was almost in my grasp! I am happy to report that I somehow held it together and might have even said at least one funny thing.
The microphone has been pushed into the sabbatical position where it will mostly remain until November.
I think I need the brain break even though the real reason this is happening is so I can move my typical weekend chores to my weeknights since I will be busy every Saturday from this weekend to the end of October. I guess I will be celebrating Mowing Mondays (more alliteration!) instead of recording on Monday nights.

Finally, I am sitting here at the kitchen table surrounded by fall stuff. My oldest daughter has been begging me to pull down the fall totes and now there are little pumpkins and autumn knick-knacks all over the living room and kitchen. It's cloudy and cool and it feels quite perfect. I hope, even with the warmer weather returning this weekend, that we end up with many nice fall days when I can open the windows and let the cool breeze flow through the house as I sip one or five or fifty pumpkin spice lattes.


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