Cooking up another batch of thought nuggets

Yikes - seeing "thought nuggets" on my screen seems even worse than using the word "content" and I do try to avoid calling things "content" as much as possible.

I guess I do cook up some thought nuggets daily and I share them via Twitter and now the Twitter thought nugget restaurant is back open for business to the general public. It wasn't long after I removed the option to protect my tweets that I got retweeted by a bot that apparently retweeets any mention of illuminati. At least they didn't automatically follow me.
My Twitter thought nuggets don't taste as good as these but are probably just as bad for you.
Since the heyday of Twitter is over, I don't expect to get hardly any new followers now that I have cleaned out the followers I didn't know or didn't care to have following me.

I also decided to give Swarm another chance just because I am curious about the redesign. I don't know if I will keep messing with it long-term or not.

Bonus non-internet related thoughts: It sure is hot here. I want to say that I am ready for the heat of summer to be over but I know what comes after it is. It should be fall but we keep losing potentially nice fall days to the summer weather that just won't leave. That means more lawn mowing and another uncomfortable band weekend out in the heat. Yuck.