How do you measure a month?

I measure by when all of the bills are paid, specifically my father's bills. I took over my parents' bills when my mother went into the hospital two years ago next week and I slowly paid things off and found better deals so they would save more money each month. It horrified me to see how much they were paying for certain things but I had never gotten involved in their finances up to that point.

After two years, everything is planned out month to month and I spread the bills out so the budget stays intact and money can go into savings much more often than it comes out. I review everything each Friday and the weeks keep flying by.
Source: Thoka Maer
I was thinking about what else has changed since my mother left the house for the last time two years ago. The house no longer has the "museum" feel that it had during her illness. We had left everything pretty much untouched for months while we were expecting that she would return. Now, many of the material things she had held on to for years are gone and I am hoping that those objects are finding use now since they were donated. We did leave her recliner and the table beside it as it was. My father didn't want me to move any of that so that little part of the house remains as it did in September of 2015.

There are days, fewer and fewer now, when I still find myself surprised by my mother's absence, especially when I am tempted to pick up the phone and call her when there is news to share about one of the kids. This only lasts for a second or so before reality snaps me back. The months we spent in different hospitals and facilities only come back to me when I have to go to the hospital to visit other people. Certain beeps and boops from machines make my skin crawl. I assume that is because those sounds (especially the alarm of the IV when it runs out of something) jarred me awake so many times when I was half asleep in whatever uncomfortable hospital chair I happened to be in.

So, here we are, another month that just happens to mark another year for us moving on - still looking back, but moving on just the same.