Hospice hilarity?

I'm not sure about you but I still start my day off reading the comics. I did stop for probably ten years before I picked the habit back up thanks to sites like The Comics Curmudgeon and Son of Stuck Funky. In addition to these sites, I have eight strips that I read each and every day and one of those strips is Sally Forth.

Sally Forth is an interesting strip because it can focus on quite serious topics at times. I guess it did this back in the 80's some also? I just recall it being mainly focused on Sally and her boss and now Ted gets to be on center stage quite a bit.
Source: https://comicskingdom.com/sally-forth/2017-10-09
The current storyline also involves Ted. Ted's father has been ill and has now ended up under in-hospital hospice care and we're focusing on the music that should be playing in the room in order to get a little humor here before this storyline meets its demise or ends or dies off. All of the above.
Source: https://comicskingdom.com/sally-forth/2017-10-19
They are apparently concerned about the music because they understand that hearing is the last sense to go but they are also having this conversation right in front of Ted's dad while apparently not considering that hearing is the last sense to go.

Oh, well. Bravo to Sally Forth for tackling such a tough subject. I don't recall many jokes when I went through this with my mother but there was music (I don't believe disco was on the playlist). We all know how this story line is going to end unless Ted's dad bounces back like Ric Flair and jumps out of bed screaming, "I hate disco!" and then this would be an excellent example of disco music saving a life.