It's coooooooold out there, Aqua Sleep Man!

Current temp at the home office at 6:48am:

This is a morning that truly feels like fall! Of course, it starts slowly warming up this afternoon through Sunday but then we get even cooler weather next week just in time for Halloween.


BTW, Aqua Sleep Man was the cartoon spokesman of Aqua Sleep World here in the 80's and most of the winter commercials would be for heated waterbeds and end with the "It's coooooooooooold out there, Aqua Sleep Man!" phrase. This is the only version of those commercials that I could find on YouTube.

So, vacation has ended and I am slowly getting back into the normal routine, sitting at the kitchen table as I write this, sipping a nice, hot cup of coffee which reminds me that last night I ordered coffee with supper and the waiter exclaimed, "You want coffee THIS LATE!?" and I am not sure if he was looking out for me or just didn't want to deal with having to make coffee. I'm thinking it was the latter. I always liked making the coffee when I worked in a restaurant but I drank it all the time also so it was a win-win for me. This was back in the early 90's before drinking coffee was cool.

You know, there is something about drinking coffee out of a Styrofoam cup. Maybe chemicals from the Styrofoam chemically meld with the coffee to make it taste even better. I'm not sure.

It's a busy week here. Lots of band stuff going on this week and lots to do during the day. It makes me already look forward to my next vacation at Thanksgiving.

I hope things are going well where you happen to be, dear reader, even if you just accidentally came here through a weird Google search.