All of my memories are in HD

Steve sent me a link to a music video recently. The song was good but I couldn't stop thinking about how dated the video looked. It's just from 1998 and 1998 doesn't seem (in my mind) like that long ago!

Maybe it's because this is right before HD. Maybe it's the hairstyles and the fashion but the video looks like many of the other older videos that people post on YouTube. The difference is that most of the videos that feel dated to me are from the early 90's and earlier, not 1998!

The reality is it's been almost twenty years since 1998. Twenty years! It's hard to reconcile that with the vivid memories I seem to have in my head. 1998, what pieces of it I think I remember, looks pretty normal in my memories, almost like the world hasn't changed at all.

This, of course, is my mind playing tricks on me. The memory filter we all have makes everything look great and most memories are facts that have been converted into slightly better stories!

Watching the video above made me remember several videos I have saved on YouTube including this one recorded on a VHS camera in the electronics department of a store in the early 90's:

There is also this one, a favorite of mine from 1987 that shows footage of my favorite now gone store, Zayre!

Finally, I couldn't end this one without mentioning Nelson Sullivan. More of his videos from the 80's are being added to YouTube every week or so. He left behind an incredible time capsule and must be one of the earliest examples of what we would now call a vlogger!