Another Thanksgiving and vacation complete

What a week it was. I am looking forward to getting a little rest sitting in my home office chair tomorrow. The only day I did pretty much nothing was on Thanksgiving. It was a day of mostly rest and food.

Most of my vacation week involved going up and down attic ladders. We spent Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning out most of the rest of my father's attic. My daughter took a short video of this on Wednesday and this was how it looked after I had already cleaned about 75% of it out since I started this back last November and had been doing a little at a time.

I am happy to report that it's almost completely empty now and I was reunited with a lot of things that brought back memories including pictures, school programs, toys and more. I brought two totes back to my attic to go through more thoroughly after the holidays plus we found my old Star Wars action figures, my old Lionel electric train set (still in the box) and a ton of old board games that we now have to figure out what to do with.

We spent most of the other days moving stuff back and forth in our own as we got things ready for Christmas and then put up all the Christmas stuff starting Friday and finishing up today. The house is completely festive and I'm glad it's all done.

One thing we did for the first time this year was a Day After Thanksgiving hike that was organized by our local state park, Cedars of Lebanon. I signed up for it several weeks ago not knowing what the weather would be and it turned out to be pretty nice and fairly warm. We got lucky!

The fireplace in Cedar Forest Lodge, a popular place for weddings.

Into the woods!

Out of the woods and into a clearing at the end.

I thought a hike would be a nice alternative to shopping although we did do a little shopping before and after and there were hardly any crowds where we went. I did get a couple of cool Black Friday items at Walmart that I'll be discussing on the Garbagecast Conversations very soon!