Dusting off the archives

I kept finding all sorts of memories as I was cleaning out my dad's attic last week and for some odd reason this process got me thinking of this here site and all of the history of the site that had been here in the past but was left behind when the old site went away earlier this year.

Unfortunately, my archives are incomplete. The first day of the blog in 2007 through the start of July in 2012 was complete. For 2012 to 2016, I only have an Adobe Acrobat document that I had made at Blogbooker. Somehow, even with all of my backups, I misplaced the backup file for those years and only had a few of the entries backed up.

What you will see in the archives is a lot of stuff from when blogging was in its heyday. For example, there are entries about how I used to live stream our family Christmas Eve get-together here at the house. People all over the world dropped in for those! It was not as easy to live stream back then so it was fairly unique although I stole the idea from my blogging friend in Canada, Randall. He was the true blogging pioneer!

It's nice to have the archives back up even though about 1,000 posts will remain unposted either due to not having a backup or being judged unnecessary (I went through what I had and deleted political posts, dumb posts and some blank posts that made it through the import process.) I'm committed to leaving this site up and going long-term. I might not update regularly at times but I don't plan to make any radical changes moving forward and the archives will stay in place for as long as Google decides that Blogger is going to keep going. Fingers crossed. I'm amazed they have let it keep going as long as they have!

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