Knowing when to fold 'em!

Several podcasting pals and myself gathered around the glowing computer screens last night and tried to resurrect an old podcasting project that had been lingering in our minds for a few months. I think it was no more than ten minutes in before we realized why this podcast had gone away in the first place but we trudged on until the end so we could make a clear, final judgement.

That judgement was that it's a no go.

As a creator, the toughest and best decision you have to make from time to time is to NOT do something. Maybe it doesn't fit in with the overall trajectory of your creative life. Maybe it's just not fun. Regardless, it's best to invest the short time we have here doing the things we really love and sharing the creations that add something unique to the creative communities we find ourselves residing in.

The last thing I want to do is create something that ends up feeling like a "to-do" to me and to the consumer of whatever I create. I want to add a little levity to someone's tough day. I want people to not shake their head and feel apprehensive when they see a new post from me pop up in Twitter or a podcast I am a part of download to their app. I want to be a part of podcasts that I don't dread when I see the clock getting closer and closer to recording time.

Creators need to know their strengths. Having the courage to admit that our strength lies elsewhere is not giving up or a sign of some sort of failure. Spending more time doing what we love and less time doing what doesn't work is actually the opposite of failure. It's part of the pursuit of excellence that should dictate how we do everything we do, whether it's something we do to make money or something we do just because we love to create.