Lazy post number two

Yesterday's post was far too ambitious for the amount of time I ended up having to write it. To make up for that, today's post is not ambitious at all. I already recorded a podcast today so my daily creative impulse allotment is just about spent.

I have a slight update in my NOtification quest. I changed the email notification sound on my phone for the first time in years to something a bit quieter and shorter. I also got rid of most of the notifications on my Pebble Watch. It's all about minimizing distractions so I can stay more focused.

I don't have much else tonight. This is going to be another lazy post but that's what happens when I try to write every day.
As much as I am phoning it in here, this is sort of a first, though. I am writing this while sitting on the couch at 7:22 pm instead of writing while sitting at the kitchen table first thing in the morning. It's pretty rare for me to do much more than stare blankly at the tv or the iPad at night.

Time for me to stop this so I can go back to staring at the tv.