Poncho-less football

We did it. Unlike the previous week in pouring rain, we ended the football season last night with no rain and above-average temperatures that made it feel more like early September than early November. Now I will have to adjust to quiet Friday nights, hopefully at home! It was a fun season travelling with the band and loading/unloading equipment but last night I felt just plain tired and that has continued right into today. I think I finally reached my limit so I have to admit that I'm a tad relieved that we're done.

Speaking of being tired, I haven't been worth a flip today. I kept thinking I would finish the book I'm reading (I'm so very close!) but I ended up wasting an afternoon on the iPad, mostly goofing around on YouTube. What a throwaway day. What a lazy post this is.

(I just added a lazy post label here on the blog so I can go back and see all of the posts where I knew I was just phoning it in when I wrote them!)

On a final note (no pun intended!), the hospice hilarity wasn't as hilarious in the series of Sally Forth strips over the past week. In fact, we see today that Ted Forth's dad will do absolutely anything to stop listening to Ted discussing their problematic relationship - ANYTHING!

Boop boop, my friends. Boop boop!