Template tweakin'

When I started the blog back up in July, I wanted to think less about the template and more about the writing this time around. I have this terrible habit of not being content about the smallest design things like how the header looks or is the font 2 points too big or too small. It's the same thing I do with the living room furniture. It looks fine to me for months until the day I suddenly feel the need to move everything around although there are only three or four ways to move this room around and I've already done them all more than once.
What was bugging me this time about the site here was the header. It seemed so big that it was taking much needed space away from the posts. I tried to tweak the template but nothing I did reduced the space of the header so I ended up moving to a different template (of course, one I have used in previous versions of the site because I've tried them all over the years) which allowed me to shrink the header size and simplify the look of the page. I made a few font adjustments and changed the link colors and boom - here it is!

This site could be fancier. Also, the writing could be better but it's much easier and less ego-bruising to spend time obsessing over how I could have more gadgets and whatnots if I was on Wordpress or some other more robust platform but I would spend more time trying to get it right than actually writing and that would be pretty pointless.