The holiday whirl

Today is the day I take a long look at my calendars, work and personal, and make sure everything is remembered, considered and scheduled for now until the end of the first week of January. After this week, the holiday season momentum will fire up into full swing and the rest of the year will be a blur of meetings, days off, band stuff, appointments and holidays. I even have some dentist and doctors appointments thrown in there to keep it as hectic as possible.

As of right now, I think (think) I have everything adequately planned out. I even printed out my calendar to examine more closely at the kitchen table. If I print something and take it to the kitchen table, you know I am investing full concentration.

In other news, it sure feels like Thanksgiving now. There is a definitely a chill in the air and today is another cloudy, dreary day. The sunshine returns tomorrow and a true sign of Thanksgiving will happen in the afternoon when I set out the inflatable turkey.