The inside is Christmas Overload!

Our two day tour of Christmas here at the home office concludes with this look around the overload of Christmas that has taken over our domicile.

The dogs look annoyed and notice how the angry French one still has a fall blanket out in protest!

My mother bought us the reindeer years ago and every house needs a fiber optic snowman.

Christmas barfed all over the couch and even the mirror has been turned into a salute to snowflakes.

Our tree which we have used annually since 2011. The pre-lit lights died a couple of years ago and I cut them all out, which took forever. This is the first year we've used cool, energy-efficient LED lights. Al Gore should be proud!

Our first year in this house this shelf came out of the wall due to the weight of the stockings. After that, I bolted it in and it is never coming out again. We'll have to leave it here if we ever move!

Even the walls can't escape the yule!

That big Santa days until Christmas thing has been around for years and we never move the candy cane anymore.

My Christmas village is new this year and has been out since before Halloween!

More yule.

These are on my personal laptop desk. Both were found in my mother's Christmas stuff. The Snowbird used to be the mascot of our local television station until he was laid off this year due to budget cuts. Yep, they laid off their own mascot! 

Not even the kitchen can escape the wrath of Santa.

Even the toaster gets a decoration!

No one enters or leaves this house without knowing it is almost Christmas!

Yes, the Rodney Reindeer (and a few guests) collection is displayed at the end of the hall every year.

Finally, two items on my home office desk. Garfield was in my mother's Christmas stuff.

The Leg Lamp was a gift from my family and always reminds me to handle fragile things carefully because someone probably used up all the glue ON PURPOSE!