The return of the roving reporter

For the entirety of the too brief return run of the Dicks 'n Janes zine, I submitted stream of consciousness letters under the non de plume of 'your roving reporter' and I typically wrote my letters from different places around town starting in September of 2015 at a Starbucks in Nashville.

Today I return to you with another entry in the series as I sit at the orthodontists office waiting for my youngest to complete her checkup. I could be interrupted at any time. These appointments don't typically take too long. As soon as she walks out, I'll finish the sentence I'm on and click on publish. That's it. No editing. If I'm in mid-thought, that's where this post will stay forever.

For this post, I'm going to use the list of blog ideas I keep in Todoist. I have learned that any time I have an idea, I need to put a short note somewhere as soon as possible or it will be out of my mind as quickly as it arrived. I'll start with the note "turning off notifications" which I did Sunday before I saw this tweet on the same subject today.

Since we were going to be at the Tennessee Titans game working a concession stand for a band fundraiser, I didn't want to get distracted by all of the notifications that normally pop up on my phone. Twitter. Facebook. Slack. You name it. Between all of that and email, I get buzzes all the day long.

I've been thinking of turning off most of my notifications for a while and it worked brilliantly Sunday. I didn't see the horrible news from Texas until I was on the shuttle bus heading back to the parking lot so I didn't fixate on it all day or start looking at people with more suspicion as we served them. Maybe I should have done both but regardless I welcomed a day with minimal distractions, not pulling my phone out over and over, subconsciously obsessed with what else was going on in the world so this morning I made some adjustments but have decided to continue on with my no notification (or should it be NOtification?) policy.

I turned off sound notifications for all social media on all of my devices. I left visual notifications and badge icons because I see my devices enough to notice anything that comes in but I have eliminated the "MUST LOOK NOW" reaction I automatically have when I hear a PING! or a BLOOP! or a TWEET! I now look at notifications when I choose to and have wrestled back control.

Whoops! Time to go. She is done! We'll go on with this another time!