The yard is Christmas Complete!

I can now declare the yard Christmas Complete for 2017!

Before you scroll down, if you think this is a bit over the top, check out my post from 2010 when I went all out. I have retired from putting lights on the house. It's just too much of a pain!

During lunch today, I added two more inflatables (per family request) and down we're the weird family with five inflatables and two penguins in the yard.
The two additional inflatables. The fox is new (bought last year on after-Christmas clearance) and the owl is in year two.

A penguin guards each side of the landscaping. These are super old now - at least ten years old. I am not sure how they have held us as well as they have especially with spending summers in the attic.

Our other penguin guardian!

This was added today also - light up garland around the door. We did this last year also but a nasty storm took it down and I never put it back up. Maybe the weather will be better this year?

This trio went up Saturday. Santa is the oldest of this bunch with the hot tub and weenie dog only on Christmas #2.

Next I'll try to remember to take pictures of the inside where it looks like Christmas barfed on everything.