A farewell to 2017 and a look ahead to 2018

I just noticed that they still have Christmas decorations on the set of CBS Sunday Morning. We took all of ours down yesterday. The inside of the house has shifted from the totes filled with Christmas decor to the one tote marked winter. I am not sure why we celebrate winter. It's not great fun lately. We have several single-digit temperature nights coming and I find myself occupied with worry over the pipes although I am sure most folks just go on with life as normal and nothing freezes up for any of them. I just know, based on my history, that I don't typically have that kind of good luck.

At the breakfast table a few minutes ago, I was talking to my wife about how futuristic 2018 seems. I am not sure if this is because 2018 is just a futuristic looking number in my mind or because it marks forty years since 1978, my favorite year in music. I'm not sure if I ever, at any time, had any expectation to live until 2018 although I am still fairly young. It's just that 2018 always seemed so far off that I never really considered it. I can remember when the year 2000 seemed like some weird, far off time that was years away and now it's years behind, so far behind I barely remember it.

I don't have any big declarations for 2018, no grand resolutions. I had deemed 2017 the year of stress-free thinking in blog posts that didn't survive the transition to this blog. I mentioned a bit ago on the podcast that I might make 2018 the year of not looking back but that seems vague and haughty - we all need to look back - we all need to remember where we came from and build on that. Our memories don't have to be ignored for that to happen.

What I keep coming back to is something I put in my Todoist a few weeks ago. Yes, I keep a list of just random thoughts, some to share here, some to share on the podcast and some to just think about. The item simply says 'saying less' and I know that's an odd goal for a person that regularly speaks their thoughts into a recorder and unleashes them unto the internet for whoever might listen. I guess I've just realized that most of what I randomly ramble on about is pointless jabber and maybe this is the year to listen more and speak less because I will hopefully be more thoughtful in what I say if what I say has baked in the brain oven a bit longer.

Oddly enough, that idea came back to me yesterday via a Facebook post from Rob Lee. He shared a list that I have seen before but at just the right time to get me thinking again about saying less and listening more in 2018. Note the seventh item:

I hope that, whoever you are that might have stumbled upon this post, you have a wonderful 2018. I am hopeful that we will all see a world that grows beyond the wasteful outrage that seems to fill the internet and bleeds over into real life far too often these days and instead becomes a world of positive action, where we stop complaining and start working on the things we are truly passionate about. 

I have a lot of work to do in 2018 but the work truly never stops no matter what year happens to be printed on the calendar, whether the numbers look futuristic or not.

Finally, a shout-out to my faithful reader and fellow podcaster Steve who is going through a personal trial right now. I hope all things work out there and I apologize to Steve for the sloppy grammar and crimes against punctuation that are an ongoing feature in most of my posts here!