Christmas 2017

Although it's not completely over yet and there is still time for some horrible craziness, I am cautiously ready to declare Christmas 2017 as being one of the least-stressful holidays in recent memory and that's especially rare for a Christmas as most Christmases seem to run on the edge between crazy and frustrating each year. I'm not sure why it feels that way. It just does.

Maybe the day trended in the right direction because we started out with the perfect unwrapping music courtesy of my grandmother's record collection:

OK. Although this fine choice of music helped start the day off right, the real reason was our attempt to get household chores and preparations for today out of the way yesterday so we could rest as much as possible today. That meant no plans to leave the house and no typical household chores being done. I am sure the washer and dryer appreciated the holiday as much as we did.

We opened gifts. Cleaned up. Had a good lunch. Watched some TV and movies. Mostly just chilled out. A real holiday. The real gift was just going with the flow and doing as little as possible.

And, although there were some great, memorable gifts, I think the ones that please me the most (aside from my new extremely comfortable slippers) are the disco toilet lights I ordered last week. They arrived just in time and turn going potty into a par-tay!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas also!