Christmas Eve 2017!

Today was typical for December around these parts - cloudy, windy, cold. In the evening, we got our first little bit of sleet and snow of winter and I don't want to think about what will be coming in the next weeks and months. Tonight's came in fast and furious but the ground is still too warm to give us a rare White Christmas.

We spent most of our evening driving around looking at Christmas lights, first at The Dancing Lights of Christmas which moved from Nashville to the fairgrounds by my house this year. Very convenient! I didn't get many good pictures. In fact, this is the best one:

Then we went out to a house which is known for having a crazy, computerized show and they did not disappoint. I would rather have all of this than the inflatables I have.

My poor inflatables are spending another night deflated due to the wind and now they are covered in mud after the 3 inches of rain we had Friday and Friday night. Now I am considering my plan for getting them off the lawn and dried out so I can pack them back up.

Finally, we visited Chad's Winter Wonderland but it started sleeting and then snowing so hard that I could barely see to drive so I took no pictures there.

We safely returned home (the roads are still too warm for any of this to stick) and now I'm ready for Christmas to be here so I can finally relax for a few days. There is a lot of prep involved in family Christmas get-togethers and what not. It's all just about over and that means a couple of days of doing a whole lot of nothing before the great Christmas dismantling of 2017 begins!