Ello again! Now, what to do with it?

As I mentioned Monday, I reactivated my old Ello account and goofed around with it a little.

As part of an experiment of sorts, I posted three links - one to my Monday blog post here and one each to two recent podcasts I have been on, Smooth Sailing and Garbagecast Conversations. First thing yesterday morning, I checked those posts and each had around sixty views (not bad for being an unestablished account following hardly anyone) but there were no interactions or clickthroughs. The sixty views were all for naught.

I don't know what constitutes a view on Ello. Maybe my posts appear on a big page of posts and scrolling by them counts as a view. That is how I see other people's posts.

Of course, I doubt there were sixty clicks on any of the posts. Also, my posts required an external link be clicked to see the actual content, whether that's a blog post or a podcast. Most people on Ello publish direct to Ello so it's its own publishing platform.

I think that going all in on Ello would generate results but I am lazy and I really don't seek any further interaction or traffic to anything I create. I see posts on Ello with thousands of views but you have to expand the entries on pages filled with posts in order to really drill down into them unless you post a graphic of some type and I don't really want to publish direct content somewhere other than Blogger or my Posthaven sites. There are no tools to automate this. IFTTT's Ello applets only pull from Ello and don't post to it. For me, it's more trouble than it would be worth to maintain two platforms. For people using only Ello as a platform, it's probably fairly lucrative if there would be a way to build on whatever you are trying to do there.

For now, my Ello sits unused and those three test posts were deleted. I have as much commenting and interaction and thumbs ups as I can handle where I am already established and the number of all of that averages a nice big zero and I'm currently fine with that.