Live from the spare laptop!

Yes, I finally had to give up on my main laptop for now and move completely to my spare. After all of the work over the last few days and my confidence increasing daily that the problem was fixed, it froze up again last night. I was able to get it back up and running in just a few minutes but I decided to run a much more in-depth diagnostic (since everything had passed so far) and, guess what, we have a winner - hard drive failure!

My hard drive is running out of specifications, blah, blah, so I ordered a new one which will arrive (maybe) Wednesday and that should be the permanent fix. Until then, I am on the eight-year old Inspiron 15 that I am glad I never got rid of. Earlier this week, I wiped it to get all the extra Dell junk off of it (including Dell Dock which was horrible) and now it runs about as good as my main laptop aside from the internal wireless card being somewhat slow.

Oh, well. I guess all of the podcast processing did in my hard drive in just over two years. I'll update the saga of the laptop when the new hard drive gets installed.

In other news, the rain here has been relentless but it is finally pushing out. We have a couple of quick errands to run this morning but I am happy to report that we will avoid Walmart or any other busy retail areas.

I finally found a new book to read over vacation after much struggle to do so. I was looking for a short, simple read and I don't think either word describes The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. I do enjoy the weirdness and attention to detail in Murakami's books so I am hoping it will be a perfect Christmas/New Years read.