My computer is still working! Christmas is coming!

Oh, glorious day!

My personal laptop is still fine as of right now. If it keeps working (fingers crossed), it's surprising to me that one Windows Update can cause so many problems. I wonder what non-technical people do? Take their computer to some big box store and overpay for support? Buy a new hard drive? Throw their laptop off the roof in anger?

In other news, I wrote up my notes for the final episode of the Podcasting Days of Christmas 2017 and I got all of my files in bossjock studio for the final two episodes. It's all downhill from here and I'm not saying that just because the quality of the podcast of kind of crap. No! It's because our podcasting time together for 2017 is dwindling down quickly! After Friday, I take the rest of the year off so both you and I can have a break after twelve episodes almost daily in a row.

I hesitate to say I am taking a break from anything because you never know. I try to take a break from Twitter and end up tweeting or from blogging and end up blogging. So let's just say I will be online a bit less between this Friday and Friday, January 9th.

Around here, now that the laptop mess appears to be over, things are slowing down. I'm getting in the vacation mood. Presents are wrapped. Activities are planned. We're as ready for Christmas as we're going to get.