Pipe Watch 2017 and other mish-mash

Pipe Watch 2017 begins tonight! If you've ever read the blog or listened to the podcast, you're probably familiar with pipe watches from years gone by. Whenever the temperature drops below 22, pipe watch is in effect here at the home office. Homes in the south are not as well insulated as what we had when we lived in Ohio and both of my neighbors have suffered broken pipe incidents over the last few years. So far, we have been fortunate not to have a mishap but it takes some work.

First, I drip the faucets the whole time the temperature is under 22. That's a no-brainer. Second, I run a small radiator heater in the garage near the water heater on low and I do my best to keep the garage above 39 degrees. Third, I get up and down and check the heater and the power cord that runs it every two hours to make sure everything is running cool. I even have a wireless night-vision camera in there pointed at it. Finally, if the temperature gets too low, I open the door to the garage and let the house heating system help out.

My pipe watch nights are highlighted in yellow:

It's no fun getting up and down all night but at least I am on vacation and we have only the one cold night tonight with a nice two night break before the real fun begins. It looks like pipe watch will extend at least through next Thursday night before things start warming up.

Fingers crossed for our streak of no pipe disasters to continue!

Other mish-mash:

  • I got the new hard drive and my main laptop is back up and running perfectly so far. I am still a bit wary since I thought I had this fixed several times before but even the Windows Update that would not install before installed with the new hard drive so maybe, just maybe, we are good to go.
  • I took daughter #1 to the doctor this morning for this ongoing sinus infection she can't seem to shake. More meds were prescribed and they are hopeful that everything will be on the up and up now. They did test for flu and, just like me, it was negative. Per our conversations there, it appears that both her and my illnesses can be traced back to cleaning out my father's attic right before Thanksgiving. Too much dust and too many allergies. At least it's good to know I have passed on the fun of terrible allergies to the next generation!
  • I de-Christmased the front yard yesterday because I knew it would be pretty cold today. I'm happy to report everything from out front is now packed up in the attic and the house looks boring again but that's ok because inflatables are a gigantic pain!
  • I'm getting ready to tweak the blog template from a Christmas theme to a winter theme. It could happen at any moment. Exciting!