Saying bah humbug to Christmas cards this year

If I sent you a Christmas card last year, Merry Christmas to you! I didn't forget you this year. It's not on the way. It didn't get lost.

It's weird - the guy who listens to Christmas music almost year-round declaring that he's not sending out Christmas cards this year but that's exactly what's happening.

I like the idea of Christmas cards. I don't like the idea of people receiving them feeling obligated to send one back because I know that not all people like the idea of Christmas cards. I assume a far majority of folks consider Christmas cards a "to do" and send them out begrudgingly year after year.

I know people who count them and compare year to year numbers. I don't do that. To be honest, I barely look at them when I get them. They end up in this little card rack thing where they stay until the day we take down the Christmas stuff. Then, most people toss them. I, probably out of some weird guilt, have put them in ziploc bags with the year written on them and now have a tote with Christmas cards in them in the attic. That tradition ends this year also as that tote is being cleaned out as soon as I pull it downstairs to take everything down.

Christmas cards are a nice and slightly expensive way to say hi. We say hi all the time online. I don't think we need a card to cap off the year of interactions. Also, if we don't interact online at all (which is super easy and free) all year or see each other in person at any point, why do we need to send a card at all? If that's the absolutely least thing we are willing to do to stay in touch, maybe that's a sign!

Finally, I'm lazy. I'm getting lazier as I get older. Or maybe my priorities are just getting more in tune to what matters and fooling with taking a picture, choosing a design, printing cards, addressing envelopes, and waiting at the post office is just starting to feel like a bit of a waste when there is so much other stuff to do as the old clock ticks down.

So, this year, let's forego the cards. Post a note on Facebook. Tweet someone. Leave a message on Instagram. Shout them out on a podcast. Shock them and just pick up the phone. Don't mail them something they will look at for five seconds and then throw in a pile awaiting a trip to the trash. Be kind to your mail carrier and don't send out eighty cards. They already have enough to do with all of those Amazon Prime packages.


  1. In the time of Facebook and other social media they have become quite redundant. People used to also include a kind of family newsletter on their happenings over the past year. That's already online now. We had stopped giving them out a few years back.

    1. Yes, Facebook is like a daily newsletter of more than I want to know about most folks anyway. No need to sum it up in an annual mailer!


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