There's only so much me to go around

After a bit of reflection on what I wrote yesterday, I had the epiphany. No wonder I have so little to write about here anymore - I am saying it all on a five days a week podcast this week and next! There is only so much I have to share and I'm covering it all on there so there is nothing left when I get over here in the afternoons.

Over at the podcast, the struggle is real. I feel like the episodes get more surreal and rambly (not a real word but listen to today's episode and you'll understand) and just plain weird with each passing day. I'm glad I have two days this weekend to recharge.

Pulling a boom mic over to your face and pressing record with no notes each day is sort of like jumping into a pool in the dark. I have no idea what's going to happen from the moment I hear the intro playing in my ears to the moment the final song fades out and I tap the outro cart in bossjock.

This bothered me when I started this thing almost five years ago. Now I see notes and even just thinking about topics as a burden and I feel like I get hung up or slowed down if I go in with talking points in my head. I just let it all go and whatever happens, happens. It's not like I'm worried about major awards or advertisers. It is what it is and that attitude keeps it mostly fun, most of the time, at least for me! For the listener, who knows what they think. Who knows who they are. They have to be just as nuts as I am to be listening to it so I guess that's comforting, right?


  1. Enjoyed watching the Letterman on Carson clip - thank you. I are forever inked to Letterman in my mind.


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