Tuesday potpourri

It's another cold, cloudy day here at the home office and I can report that I am still coughing although not as frequently. I assume this stops eventually but who knows. It's a drag staying in most of the time because getting out in the cold seems to trigger more drainage/coughing/hacking and none of those things are fun.

The Christmas podcasts keep going over at Up In This Brain. I have them nicely planned out in a spreadsheet and I prep for them a day ahead so all I have to do is open bossjock and record when I'm ready and then I move in the files, which are already conveniently out in my Dropbox, for the next day. Wash, rinse, repeat. It sure does keep me focused on how quickly Christmas is getting here. The days seem to be ticking by quickly now. School will be out starting Monday and then I am on vacation again starting that Friday through January 4th. It will be my longest vacation ever and I'm sure it will spoil me into a state of laziness I have never experienced before.

Today is Election Day in some states. It's not here until the 19th but I already took care of that via early voting and there is only one race on the ballot and it's not much of a race but my voting streak continues nonetheless. Once again, I was the only one in the polling place when I voted and that's probably a good thing because it minimizes the number of folks I may accidentally cough on.

I guess that's it for this one. I'm not too inspired today. I'm still dragging. I'm about to fix an afternoon cup of coffee to perk me up a bit. I probably should have done that before I started writing this, eh?