Writing out of habit can lead to rambling pointlessness

There is a dilemma I have each day when I think about coming here and writing up a post. That dilemma involves the fact that not a whole lot happens around here most of the time and it's tough to come here each day and try to write something with nothing on my mind to write about.

Sure, I could write about politics and the news but outrage Twitter has all of that covered. I did notice last night that people on Twitter are just plain sore. You have a combination of sore losers and sore winners. People will find something to complain about no matter what happens. The big trend in the middle of the day involving horse Twitter made me think, "What a dumb diversion away from the real issues this is!" but it happens on Twitter and Facebook all the time. We waste a lot of time laughing about how a saddle is placed on a horse or what exactly covfefe means while the world keeps on turning and burning while we are looking the other way.

But, enough of that! I certainly won't fix our gullible culture with one blog post!

The point is to write daily, to make it a habit, to come to the keyboard even if I don't think I have something to share and just start typing and hope that the ideas start flowing. Maybe it's a tad pointless and maybe I feel bad that people click on the links to these posts and end up reading ninety-five percent rambling pointlessness but I guess this site is more for me than for anyone else. I don't mind people peeking into this window I am leaving wide open but I'm opening the window to get the stale air out of my mind and not necessarily so someone can climb in and take a good look around.

I'll close with the weather - it's slightly warmer today but the wind is howling so it still feels cold and the cold is coming back in a few hours anyway so our warm up is going to be short-lived.

Back tomorrow with more rambling pointlessness.