Chilly New Year

2018 has arrived and we're still in the deep freeze.

This is quite unusual although we're still not near the record low of -5 from 1977.
For those of you following along outside of the US, here are the forecast temperatures in Celsius. We get a break by the end of the week.
As predicted, my life revolves around worrying about the pipes and making sure the house stays warm enough. So far, knock on wood or whatever other hard surface might bring luck, things are working out fine.

To try to keep my mind off the weather, I started book #1 of 2018 today and I set my Goodreads reading challenge goal at 30 books for this year. I had it set at 25 last year and read 46 or 47, depending on whether Goodreads is totally accurate in their reporting, so I felt comfortable moving my goal up to 30. I don't want to set it higher because I don't want to stress myself out trying to achieve some crazy goal. I will be perfectly happy if I make it to 30 and don't even come close to 2017's number as long as I read some good books this year.

My vacation is continuing but I have to admit that it doesn't feel like I'm on vacation. I haven't gone anywhere out of the ordinary and I've worked on a ton of stuff around the house. I can't even say I've gotten more rest than normal. I'm up early and I stay up fairly late. I almost welcome the structure that goes along with getting back to work - almost!