Everything is pouring in

It's not pouring outside although it is still raining a bit and Jack Kerouac is playing on my Google Home Mini. I wonder what Jack would think of this technology? I had a box set of these recordings years ago on cassettes and a couple of years ago I got them on CD's and now I just have to say out loud "Hey, Google." and then wait a beat (how appropriate) and say "Play Jack Kerouac" and there he is, on demand, turning a cloudy, dreary day into something manageable.

I got out in the rain at lunch to take some stuff to the thrift store. We finally went through all of the winter clothes and were able to donate gloves that once fit my kids but are way too small now along with hats, scarves, coats, etc. Hopefully it will all help keep someone warm now and maybe they they will pass it on if it's not worn out. Then I was off to the UPS Store sending back a couple of Amazon returns, two bags I bought that I really didn't need - a temporary bag habit relapse, I guess, although I found a couple of better bags this weekend at the local outlet store and now my closet is almost bag free, the extras moved to the hall closet and only what I really use all together in one place although, and here is the killer, I rarely use a bag. I rarely go anywhere that I feel the need to take anything more than my book or my Paperwhite and I don't need a whole bag for either of those.

I still have more cleaning out to do and I'm going to get to all of it eventually. I know I'll never have empty closets but I'd like to have some space and then I need to attack the attic. I need to remove some of the things that left my parents attic and ended up in my attic because I just didn't have the emotional energy to toss more stuff that my mother saved with the holidays and all. Why did she save it all? Who knows? Have I ever seen all of this stuff before the last few months? Nope. I don't need it but there it is in totes stacked up in the attic.

I listen to Kerouac and all the thoughts come out. I just need a typewriter and my own scroll of paper.