Practice makes perfect?

Can I really accomplish all things?

Example: The driver side rear view mirror on the Buick has been dying a slow death for a while. It's a heated mirror with some sort of fluid that slowly turned rust colored over the years. The same thing happened to the inside rear view mirror a bit ago and I replaced that and now this outside mirror was becoming unusable. The problem slowly gets worse until the mirror is solid rusty brown and you can't see anything in at all. I realized this months ago and bought a couple of mirrors (I always buy more parts than I need because I am really good at breaking things) at the scrap yard but I've been too lazy to replace it knowing that this would not be a simple plug and play deal.

I was right. I went out to the car Sunday and the mirror was totally ruined after a week in the freezing cold after being at least 75% usable up to that point. Mr. Bravado thought to himself, "I can quickly do this. Pop the old one off, pop the new one on." NOPE!! You feel like you're breaking it apart to get it on and then it is almost impossible to snap back on especially because there are three things to line up - the middle bracket type holder that it snaps into plus two little arms that interface with the motor in the mirror that lets you adjust it.

After an hour in the cold, I finally got the middle bracket on but the two little arms didn't snap in so it was a tad unstable and I had to aim the mirror by hand. This didn't seem too bad - it's almost twenty years old. I can live with that, right? WRONG! Driving down the road would vibrate the mirror making keeping it adjusted just about impossible.

So, today I pulled the car in the garage and pulled the mirror off again and got a big light out there and painstakingly lined up the little arms first. After tons of trial and error, I got one in, then the other and then finally the center mount. WOO! A like new mirror after thirty minutes of futzing (great word I plan to use continuously in 2018).

As I was cleaning up, I was thinking of all of the things I am capable of doing - things I have taken apart and put together over the years. It seems like I can do almost anything (WOO!) but not on the first try and sometimes not on the second, third, tenth try either. Practice makes perfect, I guess but by the time I learn how to do all this stuff, I'll be too old to do any of it!

Speaking of practice, I recorded the latest episode of Up In This Brain as sort of a try out - more long-form talk, less avoiding current topics in the news, just sort of a brain dump. Going back and listening to it, I'm not sure it's the way I want to go but I wanted to give it a shot and see where it led. Who knows - 2018 is wide open and, as Doris Day sang, que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be!