Tuesday check in

I don't have any particular topic to bring to you this morning so I'll just call this a check-in. How's it going? Are you staying warm? Everyone staying healthy at your place?

After a hectic Monday, here is Tuesday and I'm starting out the morning at the kitchen table with my new to me HD Radio which is a symbol of my laziness since I now have this one in the kitchen and an identical one back in the home office. Why carry one back and forth when you can just buy another!

We had a really nice and warm weekend but we're back to normal here today. Normal means chilly but not the freezing cold we've been dealing with most of the month so I'll gladly take it.

The days are getting longer. It's not warm enough to sit out on the deck and read yet but I got my Fitbit back out and have been doing a bit of walking. Spring is just around the corner (I can feel it!) and gloomy 'ol January is almost over. Sure, that leads to gloomy 'ol February but we can handle it.

We got a peak of sun for about three minutes right as I was about to publish this post. I stepped out and got a picture right before it vanished and everything went back to gray gloominess.