Book it

When I think about all of the gadgets that have passed in and out of my possession over the years, it's become obvious to me that one gadget has risen above the rest as my favorite. That gadget is my Kindle Paperwhite.

It was a slow start for me. I bought it in early 2016 but didn't start using it all the time until I signed up for Goodreads again in January of 2017 and I discovered how easily anything I highlighted would sync over to my Goodreads profile. The biggest leap in usage came when I discovered all of the great ebooks I could borrow through the library.

A couple of weeks ago I drove to a library in Nashville to get a non-resident all access library card and now I have what seems like an unlimited number of titles at my disposal. The current book I am reading, "Chemistry" by Weike Wang, has been on my to-read list for a long time but our local library only had one ebook copy with a huge wait list and no physical copies while the Nashville library had multiple copies of the ebook available. Getting a card from them is something I should have done long ago and part of the reason I finally did it is because Ken has been talking about all of the cool stuff he has been checking out from his library!

But the point of this entry is really just to show you what accessories I have to make reading easier and keep my Paperwhite protected since it goes just about everywhere with me. Now, I can read Kindle books in the Kindle app on my phone but I prefer not to. It's just much easier with my eyesight to read books on the Paperwhite.

My Paperwhite is in an Amazon-brand Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case. The color of mine is Saddle Tan which is unfortunately discontinued. The available colors are here. I guess they got rid of Saddle Tan because it looks a lot like their premium leather cover. I tried cheaper cases and none worked as good or held up as well as the Amazon case. The sleep function is the first thing that fails on the cheap cases. Avoid them!

Next, I also use an AmazonBasics 7-inch tablet sleeve. I don't want the cover popping open in my bag or somewhere so the sleeve gives my Paperwhite extra protection and keeps the dust out for about $6. 

Finally, I just got this great AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Stand. It is perfect for reading at the kitchen table while I eat lunch. It sounds lazy but I was getting tired of picking the Paperwhite up and down while I ate. Wow - that sounds super lazy now that I just read that back! However, I love it. It enables my laziness and makes reading and eating a joy and I prefer to read during lunch over mindlessly surfing the internet or watching dumb videos.

A note - I got nothing from Amazon for writing this. They send nothing to me for free and have never have nor am I signed up for any special discounts or referrals. I wrote this because I use and like these items!