Five years of podcasting

A lot has changed for me personally since I nervously published episode one of Up In This Brain back on March 29, 2013. I've shared quite a lot over the years - songs, good times, bad times, silly times - and now I have 366 episodes that will live on as a bit of a record of what this part of my life was like.

Podcasting combines two things I have always loved, radio and writing but I guess the writing part is mostly improvisation. I rarely write any notes down aside from the episode number (which I tend to forget) and the date (which I also tend to forget since most days look suspiciously like the days that preceded).

As for radio, I always enjoyed listening to AM and shortwave when I was younger. I could picture the distant places from which the signals originated through the voices that came through the static. I think we as podcasters serve that same purpose today although podcasting allows us to be much more specific!

For a long time I have treated my podcast as mostly an audio version of the journals I used to keep before blogging became a thing (I hit year eleven of this blog in June although there have been some hiatuses mixed in here and there) but I find that Up In This Brain, like me, keeps evolving. I think the last few episodes and especially the fifth anniversary special are proof of that.

I am very lucky. I have the technology required to make this stuff at my fingertips and I am surrounded by a community of similar podcasters who support me through the ups and downs and who inspire me through what they share. They motivate me and they keep me growing creatively and as a person.

Maybe, just maybe, in five years there will be a tenth anniversary special and we'll commemorate that day right here on this very site. Who knows! The world keeps changing, tomorrow is no guarantee, live each day to its fullest, etc. etc.

All I can promise is that I will keep picking up the recorder and I hope you will "tune in" from time to time.