Goofing with my Sony DSC-W800 camera

I was assembling yet another load of stuff to take to the help center thrift store this week when I came upon my Sony DSC-W800 camera. It's my last digital camera meaning I doubt I will ever buy another one since my iPhone does everything I need camera-wise. In fact, I never use the Sony camera. It's been thrown in a tote for about a year.

I got it cheap at an outlet store with the idea that I would use it some instead of using my phone. That plan never worked out because this camera is sort of quirky. It's not easy to get in-focus pictures and the photos don't look as good as my iPhone photos. Also, the 720p video function doesn't look that great either and will only record in 12 minute chunks. How silly.

However, I decided at the last minute that I would not chuck it in the thrift store box. Instead I would treat it as a creative toy of sorts and goof around with it a bit. So, I keep it in the home office right by my desk so it is ready when inspiration hits. I have a mini tripod and a full size tripod at the ready. I've been taking pictures and 12 minute videos for a few days and here are some of the results. In these pictures and videos, you can see the shortcomings of the camera. And, yes, I have fiddled with settings over and over trying to get better results but, as Reviewbrah says, it is what it is.

My iPod Touch with my much-loved Radio Shack bluetooth speaker.

I've had this for years.

I found this when I was cleaning out my parents' attic. It hung in my room in elementary school and now hangs in the home office.

Our Walmart fan. They last about a year and then suddenly die. They are great while they are working though.

Angry Bichon behind foggy glass

My Asus Transformer on the kitchen table

Crunchy the corgi impatiently waiting for his human to pick up the tennis ball and throw it

I call this video Super Wash Cycle:

Here is the sky!

Here is a tree in the backyard - already in bloom because of all of the warm weather we have been having:

I put the camera on the little tripod in front of the corgi thinking he might move. He did not and the room was too dark:

Finally, here is another little tripod experiment - the deck on a rainy day: