Saying sayonara to the dvr-ah (I had to make it rhyme)

It would have been really easy to title this one "cutting the cord" but that is what everyone else does so I went with "Saying sayonara to the dvr-ah" and I apologize to everyone for my continuing destruction of grammar and language.

Many, many years ago, we lived in an apartment and it was there that I encountered the first cable cord-cutter that I ever met. I heard the couple upstairs arguing and then someone bounding down the steps. Next, I could hear some weird noise outside our window and it was there that I saw who I presume was the husband with a big butcher knife physically cutting the cord that ran up the wall of the building and into his apartment. Maybe his favorite team had lost. Maybe he was sick of his significant other watching Guiding Light.

Now it is twenty years later and I have finally cut the cord also although I was far less dramatic about it. I called the cable company Monday and pulled a Frozen (Let It Go!) and ended our television and telephone service. I unhooked the equipment and drove it over to their office and dropped it off, just like millions of other people have done in the last few years.

I've been wanting to get rid of the phone for a while but because of bundle discounts, it was cheaper to keep it and the only calls I ever got on it were scams and telemarketers. As for the cable, I watch only one show regularly (The Goldbergs). I'm just not big on television. I see most of it as pointless, especially the shows on network TV.

The kids mostly watch Netflix and apps and our DVR was only recording one or two shows a week for my wife yet I was paying $20 a month just for the DVR on top of the other cable charges. Instead, I signed up for YouTube TV which is much cheaper and has all of the channels we want with the ability to record whatever we want. The big motivator for me was that YouTube TV got my favorite channel, Turner Classic Movies. I've already watched two movies this week and that is a lot more television than usual for me. It's just so convenient being able to scroll through TCM's programming to set movies to record and this convenience will probably be my downfall!

So, am I saving a ton of money by making this switch? No, but it was enough to justify it. Internet alone is still fairly pricy but I have to have decent speed since I work at home. One thing that really pleases me is no more cables running down the wall and no more DVR or cable boxes. Everything looks "cleaner" with less gadgets everywhere.

It's nice to have all of that stuff just gone and it's nice to join the rest of the world in cutting the cord and being able to have a bit more control over how we choose to watch television and how much we're willing to pay.