I may take a small break in May

May is crazy busy around here, especially the next two weeks due to multiple school activities my kids have as the school year winds down so I am thinking this would be a good time to step back and not try to update online things as often.

These online things include but are not limited to this here blog and several of the social media accounts I unfortunately have love so much. I am really trying to not pick up the phone and open Twitter and lose twenty minutes one, two or three times a day especially during the hours of 6AM to 6PM.

There are also flowers to tend to and books to read and a new set of chairs on the deck that I need to sit in a lot since the weather has finally transitioned from fourth winter to our famous two weeks of spring before summer hits full blast.

Need me? I'll be here as much as possible. No internet connected devices allowed.

I expect that the podcast will roll on as normal. It doesn't take much time to record an episode as long as I don't get an idea and try to put something together with 20 clips. In order to keep it simple, I'll probably just stick with the day to day stuff. You know, the ephemera that I hear the folks love so much.