Sometimes the Recycle Bin is where it belongs

I was just looking in the folder for the next Up In This Brain podcast. It was full of little odds and ends audio clips that I had recorded over the last week or so and songs I wanted to share. Going into each file and pulling out what I wanted to share was looking like a lot of work. It was discouraging just looking at the contents of the folder. Did I really want to open Audacity and start importing files and start editing?

That's when I had a better idea. I moved the whole folder to the recycle bin.

Then, I emptied it before I changed my mind.

Ah, that's better! The stress is completely gone.

Sometimes, I get to a point where starting over is better than tackling the work of piecing something together hoping that I can create something that feels right out of a bunch of parts. Now the canvas is blank again and I can create something completely new and that is exciting.

And, nothing is lost because not one thing I had put in the folder felt like it had that "spark" to it that would make it even barely special. No amount of polishing was going to make it shinola.

A final note - I sure miss the Oscar the Grouch extension I had on my Mac Classic many years ago. It made deleting files fun!