The music is the memory

Like most people, a lot of my memories are connected to music. A certain song comes on and boom! It's 1979 again or 1988 or 1994. As part of that connection, a special event should pop into mind for certain songs, right?

Example: a few afternoons ago, I am reading and listening to Pandora when this song comes on:

I am transported from the beginning of April to the end of October in an instant when I hear it but not specifically to any particular October. October of 1980, although I have pictures, does not jump out at me. Neither do the Octobers that followed.

So, I am realizing more and more that the music itself is the memory and most everything else is fuzzy. Now don't start thinking I am about to reveal something is terribly wrong with me. It's always been this way. I DO have memories of events, people, places, and all of that and there are a certain few songs I tie to people and important events but the far majority of the songs I hear make for a more general reminiscence - a more vague trip back in time.

Here's one I heard the other day. It makes me think of colder weather so I'm guessing this was a hit in the later part of 1984:

Aside from that thought, I have no specific memory that is tied to it.

What is tied to it is the same thing that is tied to most songs, this "feeling" of the time I was hearing the song a lot and the general situation I was in. On top of that is the distance between this time when I am hearing the song and the time that song represents.

It's hard for me to believe that forty years has passed since I first heard this song:
Forty years! How is that possible? And, there are days when it seems like those forty years went by in an instant. Poof! From 1978 to 2018.

Time is weird, I guess. Or is it science? Oh, well. I have more vague memories of times gone by every time I turn on the radio and I guess it's better to have vague memories than a truckload of vivid regrets!