The position of My Social Conscious™ has been filled

Sorry. Applications are no longer being taken.

But there are plenty of people who so desperately are yearning to be My Social Conscious™ out there on the internet. They are all over Facebook and all over Twitter and I even see them sneaking into Instagram comments. I'm sure they are everywhere on every social media platform and comments section and message board.

It happens to be a holiday and at least one person, maybe more, will post have a great holiday and here's why you should feel guilty celebrating it.

Someone famous dies and at least one person, probably more, will post about the terrible things they did or the terrible things someone related to them did or the terrible things their great-great-great grandfather did or the terrible things someone they once passed in a Walmart and said hello to did.

The internet is not even an effective outlet for anger. Instead of getting it all out, it seems to expand and expand, a fire feeding off the anger of others. I try to remember how we handled things back before the internet. I guess we either really took action (posting on social media is not an actual action, it's laziness and feels like action but it is really not action) or we blew off steam doing something else (maybe cutting up a pile of wood?) or we just sucked it up and went on with life.

When I add someone as a "friend" on Facebook, it's because they are or at one time were at least the most basic definition of a real friend. When my Facebook "friend" decides to use this open door into my life to then try to become My Social Conscious™, posting continuous rants and whatnot, I have to make a decision. Typically, I just mute them but we remain "friends" because I don't want to have to totally sever that connection.

I don't need one more person hopping up on their soapbox and pointing a megaphone in my general direction and yelling day after day, post after post. I'm sure you don't either. Maybe what I write here is the same thing to you. The difference for me is you come to this site to read it. I don't post about this blog anywhere but on a dedicated Twitter account. I don't spam my Facebook "friends" and I rarely share posts with followers I have at the @upinthisbrain Twitter account although I do if I feel like it's important enough to be seen by more than the 17 followers I have at the @upinthisblog account.

I try to leave it up to you if you want to see what I write here and I certainly don't throw message after message in your Facebook feed about how you should feel terrible about living two doors down from a Republican because it's contagious.

I'm just tired of the negativity. Day to day life has enough ups and downs. I choose to use social media as an escape from the downs. I don't expect people to use social media in the manner I do. I don't expect anyone to change how they use social media so they don't "trigger" me. I'm not even bothered by those who occasionally feel the need to post something political now and then. It's the people that hammer me that I am just plain done with.