A radio update

I haven't written about a gizmo here in a long time. I used to write about my radios from time to time because I had so many of them. Well, just about all of them are gone now so there hasn't been much to write about.

After the radio purge, I have two shortwave radios left.

One, my Eton E5, is stored in a tote without batteries. I just don't listen to shortwave anymore but that's a great radio and I am keeping it just in case the shortwave bug bites again one day or in case the preppers are right and the grid eventually goes down.

I also kept my Tecsun PL-398BT. A minor reason I kept it is the one-button ETM (Easy Tuning Method) tuning which finds all listenable shortwave broadcasts in a scan that takes only a couple of minutes. The major reason I kept it is because it can be used as a Bluetooth Speaker and it takes rechargeable AA batteries that run it for hours.

Lately, it's become my main Bluetooth speaker for music. It's not great for talk podcasts though. There is not enough bass. For music, it's great and it has that new crazy technology known as STEREO! Amazing, right?

It also picks up the rather weak local classical station perfectly and classical music sounds decent (could use more bass!) enough.

So, instead of languishing away in a tote, my Tecsun PL-398BT is getting almost daily use and it's nice to have things I actually use instead of more things than I really need that just sitting on shelves collecting dust.