Hold the influence

It's hard to listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos or read books and not let parts of the creations of others to seep into my own creations in some way.

I want to be inspired by other creators but I don't necessarily want to be influenced by them. 

If I let someone else influence me too much, I will become a terrible copy of them and with my luck I will end up a copy of a copy of a copy.

I can't be original or at least kinda original if I let myself be influenced too much by one particular creator. Maybe this is why I subscribe to multiple YouTube folks and read multiple comic strips and read books on all sorts of topics by all sorts of different authors. I want a chorus of creators speaking to me and inspiring me but not molding me into their own image.

There are also times that I have to shut out the world completely for a while because the world is loud with so many voices that they drown out my own voice and then I don't know what to say into the recorder or type into the computer.

But even worse - and yes, there is worse than being drowned out - is when I experience a creation (podcast, video, book) that is TERRIBLE for one reason or another (boring, rambling, pointless, bad audio, etc.) and I start to see my own creations through the TERRIBLE FILTER and my mind is saying that maybe all of my stuff is just as bad!

Or, I experience a creation that is AWESOME! EXCELLENT! WONDERFUL! and I start to see my own creations through the I'LL NEVER BE AS GIFTED AS THEM FILTER and what is the point of doing anything if I will always be mediocre?

Inspiration vs. influence.

Give me the inspiration. Hold the influence.